Boom Box System

Call for Price

This Boom Box System comprises a control box and high speed drive system with a Parvalux motor and gearbox. The British made Parvalux motor has roller bearings in the gearbox and changeable brushes for long life. The purpose of this drive system is to fit onto the end of a boom arm with the drive system being totally insulated for use by heavy industry and automatic production systems. Ideally the control box is placed on top of the power source. Wire speed, burn back, inch, latch, and gas purge control are all fitted in the box so you have exactly the same facilities as on a normal feed unit. The speed from this motor is 0 to 26 mpm, but we can also offer 0 to 30mpm.

Viewing our drive system against our competitors you will see it’s superior quality and robustness. This is the quality others try to achieve.