General Machine Spares

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General machine spares from Butters-UK. The large fan is available in two sizes 250 and 300mm either 110v or 230vac. In the small square fan 121 x 121 x 38 mm, voltages 230 and 24vac. Illuminated switch and fuseholder for 20mm fuses. Gas solenoid is available in 24/42/110/230 vac. A variety of switches are stocked from 2/3/6/7and 10position. We do have some 4 position and off/low/and high for the old Butters machines. When these are gone then they will be deleted from the stock list. Rectifiers are mainly 100 x 200mm or 100 x 300mm in size, 200/300/400/500/600 amps, but we do have sizes and amps. Two reel holders being 5 kgs and 15 kgs. On the 15kgs the fixing can be two bolts or one large bolt m16 for heavier 25kgs reels. A range of contactors and coils are stocked. Auxillary transformers for single and three input with various voltage output.

Just some of the spares that we have.