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Butters-UK Terms & Conditions

  • These terms shall be considered applicable to any order or contract accepted by the company unless any deviation has been agreed by the company in writing.
  • Orders are accepted only in accordance with these conditions irrespective of any conditions, printed on the customer’s order forms unless otherwise agreed by the company in writing.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse to accept any order whether or not a quotation for the supply has been previously submitted and no order must be regarded as accepted until an advice of dispatch has been issued.
  • All goods are priced ex-works excluding V.A.T. and delivery charges, Carriage, packing and insurance will be calculated and charged separately for each delivery.
  • V.A.T. will be charged at the rate ruling at the time of dispatch.
  • The prices quoted are based upon the current cost of relevant materials, manufactured goods and transport and are subject to any increase that may take place between the date of order and the actual delivery. They may be subject to confirmation at the time the order is placed with and accepted by the company.
  • Terms are proforma payment unless otherwise specifically agreed by the company in writing which will be net 30 days. The company reserves the right to cancel any discount allowed should payment not be made within the stipulated terms. Title for the goods supplied remains with Butters UK until full payment in cash or BACS has been made. Until such payment has been received we remain the fiduciary owners of the goods delivered.
  • Orders accepted by the company cannot be cancelled without the consent of the company in writing. All cancellations accepted by the company are subject to a 20% handling and cancellation fee.
  • The period for the delivery starts from the date on which the company receives  and accepts the official order and whilst efforts will be made to effect delivery in the time stated no contingent liability can be accepted in the event to do so nor any penalty unless specifically contracted in writing by the company.
  • All installation and service is the responsibility of the end user or distributor selling the equipment. The company cannot accept responsibility for damage due to faulty installation by the lack of proper attention or improper use of fair wear and tear nor does the company accept responsibility for any expenses incurred in having removed or replaced any goods sent for inspection or in having fitted any goods in lieu or in exchange or for contingent liability of any kind. The company cannot accept any responsibility for goods which alterations or attachments have been made unless such alterations or attachments have been agreed in writing by the company.
  • The company undertakes to replace or repair at its sole discretion any goods which fail in service due to faulty design, materials or workmanship during the period of warranty. The warranty periods are twelve months for capital plant and three months for plant spares and torches from the date of despatch from the company’s premises.
  • Any goods returned to the company must arrive free of charge and a re-stocking charge of 20% of the invoice value will be made. All return of goods must have the prior agreement of the company.
  • All goods, including samples, ordered on behalf of, and/or made to customers’ specifications i.e. items Not having catalogued product code, will not be returnable and will not be credited under any circumstances.
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